Three years ago, Wang Shihuang did not expect that a food security storm that swept the entire Taiwan from 2013 will be extended to him in 2015; what made him even more ironic was that the original entrepreneurial appeal was exactly the advertised food Safety.

Once a developer of the red brand AB premium buttermilk under the unified brand, Wang Shihuang felt that there were too many additives in domestic foods. In 2010, he created "Matthew Select", specializing in top-quality yogurts without additives, and launched cooperation with local organic fruit farmers Natural fruit pulp. The company's performance has grown multiples each year for the first 5 years. Seeing that it will soon be profitable, in April 2015, the 50th birthday gift to welcome him was actually a detention center.

The reason was that a former employee reported to the Tainan Health Bureau, and Matthew carefully selected suspected tampering with the date of the plum juice label and sold expired products. Nearly 12 hours after being questioned, Wang Shihuang was detained in a detention center.

"My first thought was, how could I have the opportunity to stay in prison in this life?" He recalled the mood at that time.

Help Menong weather the crisis and evolve the siege of the whole people

In 2013, Taiwanese plums were abundant. Wang Shihuang originally bought only thousands of bottles of plum pulp a year. In order to help Mei Nong consume a lot of production that year, he received more than 10,000 bottles over previous years.

Different from the traditional jam, Wang Shihuang purchased from Mei Nong the golden plum pulp, which has the characteristics of longer storage and more fragrance. At that time, the fruit pulp sold by him was half a year, so this batch of plum pulp was also labeled with a half-year term; as the shelf life is approaching, at the end of March 2014, he has announced on Facebook and notified store staff to prepare for recovery. The plum pulp product, which is about to expire, will be re-launched after the stock matures for half a year. After half a year, Wang Shihuang changed the batch of recycled plum pulp from a green label to a golden label, and changed it to a golden plum pulp, which is called one year ripe plum, and the shelf life was changed to two years.

There was no problem in checking and inspecting the product after the fact, but the procedure was flawed and it was replaced with a fine. The prosecution was suspended for one year. However, in recent years, there were frequent storms of food safety, major investigations were conducted, and the news came out the next day. The media shook the headlines with "black hearts, tampering, pitting people," etc. Matthew Yanxuan still faced an overwhelming business crisis.

His adversity comprehension: If I give up and go back to zero, what am I doing all these years? It might as well be solved one by one.

Let employees understand company culture and survive huge losses

"Customers, employees, shareholders, funds, family members, lawsuits, all the problems came overnight." Wang Shihuang smiled bitterly. He shut down the phone, calmly thought for two days, and made a decision to stop production at the factory for two months. "I managed to go from zero to one. If I give up and go back to zero, what have I been doing all these years? It might as well be solved one by one."

Because he wanted to prove that he would not run away and would stand up again. The 14 stores opened as usual, and he still had to pay 6 million yuan in salaries and rents for employees every month. Including operating costs, he lost 20 million yuan in two months. That year The total loss of 30 million yuan is equivalent to 1/4 of that year's revenue.

In order to ease his anxiety, he read a lot of books, absorbed from the film how others face adversity, and let himself temporarily escape from the current situation. When he fell to the bottom of the valley, he was very impressed by the writer Peter Su's words: "The road of dreams has been set, and I have to go on my knees." He said with some excitement: "I used to be high-spirited. I kneel down and lie on the ground, then stand up again. "

Mei Nong Xu Hongwen sighed, "Boss Wang is the boss I haven't looked at most like a boss." That year, he knew that Wang Shihuang still had plum pulp stock, but he continued to order his products, and he never broke after the incident.

Matthew Yanxuan has also become the research object of EMBA management courses in successful universities. Professor Zhang Shaoji of Chengda International Enterprise Research Institute pointed out that the key to Wang Shihuang's rise from adversity is: "He took his employees to the place of origin to know the fruit farmers, knew the company's culture, and his business steps would not be chaotic. Otherwise, he had great financial pressure and took the wrong step. , It may go bankrupt. "

R & D technology wins Hong Kong and Japan, Starbucks seeks cooperation

After climbing from the bottom of the valley in 2015, Matthew has been selected by 18 stores today. Last year's revenue reached 200 million yuan. This year, he finally started to make profits. He has successfully entered key channels such as Starbucks, All Union, Carrefour and Supermarket. In October last year, Xinyuan Capital also received an investment of nearly one million US dollars.

Matthew's strict selection has been favored by Starbucks, mainly because Starbucks has Yogo partners in Japan, Hong Kong, and China, but they can only be sold for 1 day, and there are additives. Wang Shihuang used technology to prove to them that the yogurt developed by him can not only sell for 3 days, but also be more natural and delicious without any additives.

Zheng Boren, founding and managing partner of Xinyuan Capital, said that before the investment, someone was reminded of the expiration of plum pulp, but his view was: "A person in his fifties is willing to face the problem and not escape. When he encounters setbacks, he is still concerned about his product. Very enthusiastic, I invest in what you can solve and how to make decisions. "

After the adversity that fell from the peak of the career to the bottom of the valley in 2015, now, walking in the orchard of Menon, those voices that once questioned and scolded were like the fallen leaves on his feet, still snoring, but never shaking him Wang Shihuang stepped on the soil under his foot and said, "I have a high passion for agriculture. Since I will only be a Yogo in my life, I want to integrate my profession and increase the value of agricultural products. This is what I will do in the next 30 years. Things. "

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Born: 1965 Education: Master of Chemical Engineering at Tsinghua University Experience: Brand Manager of Unified Dairy Business Unit, CEO of Lactic Acid Bacteria Company Current post: Founder and CEO of Ma Xiuxuan (Caiyi Life Business)